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When it comes to online Internet marketing, there are dozens of different strategies and business types that have helped make some marketers into instant millionaires. However, for most people, a great deal of work is required to avoid becoming one of the 90% majority that fails with online business. Here are some strategies to make sure you join that first group, not the latter.

How Online Internet Marketing Works

First, you should understand that there is a very basic underlying philosophy for Internet marketing. You’re not selling a product or a website or an eBook. You’re selling a solution or an experience that the customer cannot get anywhere else. Moreover, most Internet marketing focuses on targeting customers with urgency in mind. You’re solving a problem with immediacy that keeps them from going to a book store or a local department store where they might find a slightly less expensive solution.

For example, consider an eBook for $37 about how to save a marriage. There are dozens of such books in print and the strategies in them are generally timeless. So, why would someone pay more for an eBook than the $24 copy of the same tips at a Barnes and Noble? Because they need those tips right now, not in a day or two when they have time to hit up a bookstore. Most online Internet marketing strives to influence this urgency and to remind the customer exactly how much of it there is.

How to Sell Your Products

When it comes to making sales to those desperate buyers, you must first find a market that you’re interested in. It’s very important that you have at least some interest in the topic before spending hours of your time and hundreds of your dollars marketing in that field. Imagine choosing a topic you have no interest in and finding after three weeks that your desire to be rich is being overridden by your supreme boredom. It’s a bad situation.

For online Internet marketing, you should turn to popular eCommerce hot spots like Clickbank or Amazon to research your products. You can also research niches on industry specific forums or blogs as well. After that, be sure to spend time developing a list of well researched, relevant keywords using the Google AdWords Keyword Tool, Traffic Travis, and your own insights.

Eventually, you’ll need to build some sort of sales funnel. The simplest funnels may only involve one web page, while more complex ones might involve a Twitter account, Facebook Page, article marketing, Squidoo Lenses, forum links, and email marketing collection forms. Your goal here, however you decide to start marketing, is to reach as many of your audience as possible and to convince them that you have the solution to their problem.

Online Internet Marketing Success

To make sure you are successful, I recommend three very important things.

1. Learn to Influence Others – Study copywriting strategies and secrets from as many writers and researchers as possible. Learn the secrets of influencing others with the words you write or the videos you produce.

2. Outsource Everything You Can – Your time is more valuable than you will ever know. The more often you can outsource your projects, the more time you’ll have to build sites, research topics, and split test everything.

3. Test and Retest – If you build a site and it doesn’t draw a profit in week one, keep trying. Every good website goes through testing and yours will be no different.

Online Internet marketing is a complex process full of many little strategies that will take you time to master, no matter how much you read. But, if you are persistent, well taught and willing to learn from your mistakes, have no worries – you will make money.

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