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Since the Internet first became a viable tool for making money, Jay Abraham has been at the forefront of developing top tier strategies for his clients. Having spent more than 25 years in marketing and worked with over 10,000 clients, Jay has become one of the premiere marketers and consultants both offline and online – a role he has maintained for nearly 20 years and will likely continue to hold for many to come.

Jay’s Methods

Jay Abraham has built his success on a number of endeavors in the realm of online marketing. While many online marketers have made a name for themselves purely online, Jay has been a prolific marketer in all fields, including offline and for major companies around the United States. His testimonials come from both small time marketers and major CEOs who have been able to make millions from simple changes he suggested.

One of Jay’s most powerful marketing methods is to take strategies from across a wide array of industries and retool them for use in a new business. He doesn’t look at any single strategy or tactic as being attached to a specific niche or industry. Instead, he uses whatever is at hand without ever letting that business get “stuck”.

Jay’s Successes

Jay Abraham has been featured twice in Investor’s Business Daily – including on the front page – and in 2000 was listed among the top 5 executive coaches in the country by Forbes Magazine for his work in helping companies that underperform to boost sales and market more successfully. His list of client success stories is more than 10,000 long and he has been featured in publications around the country including the New York Times, Washington Post, LA Times, Entrepreneur Magazine, Success and Inc. Magazine among many others.

How Jay Abraham Thinks

Jay has become successful not just because of his prolific client base, but because of the unique way in which he approaches a business. Instead of using traditional methods to rehash old methods, he focuses on finding hidden assets and areas of a business that are underperforming beyond what anyone else can recognize. As a result, he is able to reshape the strategy and vision of a company so that it can move forward instead cycling through the same failed methods over and over again.

Jay has long been known for his ability to think in a way that allows him to prepare for any number of possible scenarios, using new and creative solutions that no one has ever considered within a given niche to solve complex problems. This allows him to not only help a company succeed, but helps Jay to develop relationships and connections between a massive network of companies and individuals.

The Legacy of Jay Abraham

Jay Abraham has spread his knowledge not only through the work he has done but in his Consultant Training program which has helped create hundreds of new marketing experts around the globe. To date, you can find more than 2,000 websites that directly reference his work alone and has helped make billions of dollars for his clients.

The key to Jay Abraham’s success is not so much in how he has approached each and every client but in how he approaches marketing as a science and an art form. He doesn’t follow any set rule book and as a result is able to make adjustments and take chances that few others would even consider let alone take. Combined with his unique perspective on the business world, this risk taking creativity has made Jay one of the nation’s premiere marketers – both online and off.

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