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It’s no secret that there are dozens of marketers out there trying to sell you their personal “blueprints to success”. However, in this AffiloBlueprint review, you’ll hopefully see how only a few select writers are qualified to write that kind of content. Mark Ling happens to be one of them.

What AffiloBlueprint Offers

First up in this AffiloBlueprint review are the basics of the course. The author, Mark Ling, is someone you may or may not have heard of. Regardless, he is a marketer who has long been able to use his own strategies to make millions of dollars on the Internet. For years he has been producing high quality web content and attaching it to products on affiliate networks like Clickbank to make his fortune.

Unlike many IM gurus, he actually has used his own strategies and can thus offer proof that they each work. That makes the course instantly more trustworthy and valuable. In fact, Mark used the course in its initial month of release to create a site in front of an audience. That site went on to generate $500 in profit right away, showing that his strategies worked.

The course itself, however, is written not just for gurus like Mark, but for every day Joes interested in getting online and making some money. Let’s take this AffiloBlueprint review a little deeper and look at what the product offers.

The Breakdown

Most courses like this will throw hundreds of pages of data at you and say “figure it out”. Mark decided to do something else and present AffiloBlueprint as a week by week course with specific strategies and topics in each week designed to help you make your new site. It doesn’t take a college degree or thousands of dollars to figure out. It just takes some time once a week to read the steps and follow along. Topics include:

* Market Research

* Content Creation

* Website Development

* Website Design


* Link Building

* Newsletters

* Squidoo, Twitter and Social Media

* Web Tweaking and Analysis

* Pay Per Click Advertising (three weeks of strategies)

Rather than focusing on just one traffic generation method, Mark hits up PPC, SEO, and social media as traffic generators – all of them used in tandem to maximize exposure. There are a lot of products out there that help marketers build a site and get started online, but they skip over too much or try to tell them “their own secret way” to success. AffiloBlueprint hits on everything together, making sure you have a complete, yet organized picture of Internet Marketing.

The Bottom Line

As most AffiloBlueprint review writers have mentioned, having to pick up XSitePro is a bit of a downer as it costs additional money after you’ve already bought the initial product. No one likes to be told they need something else once they’ve bought the main product. But, with freebies like Paint.NET and NVU, you don’t need to buy anything in reality – as long as you have something on hand to help you get that site put together.

The bottom line is this. As any good AffiloBlueprint review will tell you – Mark is a great marketer and has made a massive fortune using these strategies. He also happens to be a great teacher and has created a course that hits on every single strategy you need to go from beginner to pro in no time. If you’re already a veteran of IM, the meat in this product may be a little lean for you, but if you’re a newbie or even an intermediate marketer, this AffiloBlueprint review whole heartedly recommends picking up AffiloBluerint today.

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